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Ultima - Bird Dispersal, Logging & Analysis

* The Ultimate Bird Dispersal System

* Leaders in Bird Control & Dispersal

Ultima, a unique Tablet Computer controlled development from the well established vehicle based Scarecrow Premier 1500 bird dispersal system.Operation is simplified by user selectable languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; others can be specified to special order.

BirdsThe 21cm (8.4') touch screen can display a database of bird recognition information, including full screen illustrations to aid identification.Ultima self-learns the routine of each Operator, also remembering, for example, prominent species present airside and the various sound levels previously used at GPS dependant airside locations.Ultima establishes proof of dispersal procedures completed in real time, logging Operator, species, time and date; its inbuilt GPS function logs the vehicles airside position from which dispersal took place.

Software Reporting GPS
Software Graphing GPS Guide

Ultima is a complete system, including roof mountable loudspeakers, Tablet mounting brackets, microphone for live announcements, back-up control unit and hot-pluggable USB flash drives to enable data captured to be transferred from the vehicle to the airfield analysis system for which audit software is provided.

The flash drive can also act as an identity key for each Operator, offering proof of their use and an audit trail of all processes to prove due diligence and to provide long term analysis of bird behavioural patterns.


In addition to the features detailed previously, the software driven basis of Ultima means that subsequent improvements and enhancements to the software can be delivered to existing system users via USB flash drive upgrade. For example, this could include enhanced bird species recognition pages and developments in functionality. Ultima has a graphical data interface, so can be understood easily across the world. However, the software is also multilingual, so the required language can be selected.The Ultima system also features a hard-wired remote control for use in the event of a tablet PC failure.

The Ultima Brochure(pdf)