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S31004 Crack-Stix 1/2" in diameter, 150 lineal feet

Crack-Stix is a direct fired, rubberized crack and joint sealant. Easy to use, melts in minutes. Super resilient, self-bonding to asphalt or concrete and self-leveling. It is a rubberized sealant on a spool. Simply the right choice for small repairs.



Permanent Pavement Repair

  • Patent Pending
  • Elastomeric Compound
  • Polymer Modified
  • Seals In it...
  • Not on it....
  • Less waste

    Technology Breakthrough

    Now for the first time, Industry professionals can get contractor-type results in 3 easy steps using 3 tools. Crack Stix come in , , & inch sizes. They are User Friendly and Ready-To-Use: no mixing, nothing to add, just uncoil, cut-to-length, pack, & heat. Crack Stix are flexible and can be stretched and shaped to custom fit the repair. The rubberized compound melts/liquefies instantly and cures quickly (traffic ready in less than 20 minutes). The self-leveling sealant goes inside the crack... not over the crack... less waste, no tracking or unsightly residue. The Multi-Use formula can be used on asphalt & concrete pavement.

    Why HOT, Direct HEAT Process?

    In the past, most contractors have had no choice but to use cold-pour or caulking type fillers. Cold applied products fill from the bottom-up and do not permanently bond/seal to the crack sidewalls. Crack Stix are hot applied, using a direct heat process (patent pending). Crack Stix form a permanent bond to the sidewalls of the crack or joint & provides a (liquid rubber) 100% water-tight seal. This seal will remain flexible and intact through the winter and summer expansion/contraction cycles.



    3 Easy Steps...

    Clean It: Take a screwdriver and scratch out all debris from inside the crack, then take a whisk broom and sweep it clean. Crack must be dry.

    Pack It: Uncoil and cut the appropriate size stix and shape/pack into crack with fingertip pressure. Using the screwdriver, press the stix into crack approximately 1/6" to 1/8" below actual pavement surface level. To achieve a neat overall appearance, do not overfill crack. The material seals in it, not on it.

    Melt It: Take propane torch and light it. Adjust bright blue part of flame to 1" long. Holding the flame 1-1/2" from stix, move the flame from side to side in a slow & even motion, heating no more than one foot at a time (melt stick until liquid). Seal cures in 20 minutes and is ready for traffic.


    Areas of Use

  • Cracks and joints asphalt/concerete lots and walkways
  • Garage concrete slab/asphalt driveway joint seam
  • Parking garage/decks ... minimize leaks
  • Water main/Public utility asphalt repair joint seams
  • Recreation facilities - tennis, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, or any other recreational surface
  • Excellent for fence & net post footings
  • Curb and gutter flow lines
  • Touch-up repairs
  • CSX 900 Torch - for use with Crack Stix


    SCSX900 Torch

    • Burns propane or MAPP gas
    • Operates continuously for over an hour on a 14.1 oz. cylinder
    • Machined brass fuel valve for precision gas flow control
    • Rugged torch design with soft comfort grip handle
    • Ergonomically balances with a fuel cylinder attached